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For information on the WIRCA Firewise Program, click here.

Find information on noise complaints and other city/county/state services.

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You’re all aware that riding out the storm means preparing for the storm. The Department of Emergency Management has updated their online information, as of June 2021.

News Release…

Potential Hurricane Refuge Area…

Updated DEM Hurricane Resources Page…

Here are some things to remember:

  • If you’re responsible for an older person, or someone who has limited mobility, make sure to have a plan for them.
  • Have a first aid kit handy.
  • Have a plan for drinking water and basic necessities.
  • Keep some cash on hand. Banks and ATMs may not be open or available for extended periods.
  • Important documents should be placed in a waterproof container.
  • Bring your rubbish and recycling containers to a sheltered area (side yard, garage, etc.) so they do not blow over and send rubbish flying throughout the neighborhood.
  • Make sure you’ve considered pets in your preparations.Food and water
  • Toys or chew things for dogs to help with the scary noises from the wind
  • Have a safe place for pets to wait it out. For dogs, that may be a crate.
  • Read Hurricane Tips for Pet Owners
  • Identify a safe room in your home that has minimal window exposure.
  • Have a basic tool kit handy.
  • Read More Tips from NOAA

Here are some additional links and info that may be useful (all links open in a new tab):

Flyer from the Dept. of Emergency Management (PDF)
NWS Preparedness Pamphlet (PDF)
Hawaii State Civil Defense Brochure (PDF)
Hawaii State Civil Defense Site
Hawaiian Electric “Storm Center” Includes the Emergency Preparedness Handbook in multiple languages.
Hurricane Checklist from Hawaii News Now
Hawaii Red Cross
National Disaster Preparedness Training Center

This flyer is a quick reference guide. Make sure you’re fully prepared by visiting the CDC Preparedness Website. (link opens in a new tab)

Radiation Emergency Preparedness Flyer

As a community, we all want to enjoy the quiet of this hillside environment. From time to time, there may be situations where noise levels are beyond your tolerance level. The Hawaii Department of Health has an online Manual called “Who are you going to call when the noise gets too loud?” Check it out by clicking the link below.

Click Here to view the Noise Reference Manual. (PDF opens in a new tab)

This tab provides information on local shopping, services and businesses that may be of interest to residents and potential buyers.  We do not endorse any businesses on this list, but hope you find it helpful in getting oriented to the area. We apologize if any of the links no longer work. Please notify us if you find one.


  • American Savings Bank – Kahala Mall
  • Bank of Hawai’i – Kahala Mall
  • Central Pacific – Kahala Mall
  • First Hawai’ian Bank – 1348 Hunakai St. (Kahala District), Aina Haina

Dry Cleaners

  • Center Caesar’s – Kahala Mall
  • Young’s Dry Cleaners – Kahala Mall

Grocery Stores

  • Costco – Hawai’i Kai Town Center
  • Foodland Farms – Aina Haina Shopping Center
  • Safeway – Kapahulu or Hawai’i Kai Shopping Center
  • Times Market – Kahala District
  • Whole Foods – Kahala Mall


  • Aina Haina branch at Aina Haina Shopping Center Kaimuki branch on Koko Head Ave.

Medical Clinics

  • Kahala Ugent Care: Waialae Ave.
  • Kaiser Permanente Clinic – Hawai’i Kai Town Center
  • Queens Medical Clinic – Hawai’i Kai Shopping Center
  • Straub Medical Clinic – Koko Marina Shopping Center

Postal Services

  • U.S. Post Office – Kahala Mall
  • U.S. Post Office – Aina Haina Shopping Center
  • UPS Store – 4348 Kilauea Ave. (Kahala)

Public Schools

  • Aina Haina Elementary School
  • Niu Valley Intermediate School
  • Kalani High School

Shopping Centers:

  • Aina Haina Shopping Center
  • Kahala Mall
  • Koko Marina Shopping Center
  • Hawai’i Kai Shopping Center
  • Hawai’i Kai Town Center


  • Aloha Anima Hospital
  • Kahala Pet Hospital
  • Kama’aina Pet Hospital
  • The Pet Doctor
  • Surf Paws Veterinary Clinic

Renting your property through VRBO or any other short-term vacation site is not only prohibited by the Waialae Iki Ridge Covenants and Restrictions, but it is also illegal per the City and County of Honolulu.   If you are renting your property or a portion of your property on a short-term basis you can be heavily fined by the city.  As a neighbor, if you know of someone who is renting their property illegally, you can anonymously report the violation either online via this link (24/7) or via phone at 808-768-8127 (7:45am to 4:30pm).

To learn more about reporting a violation, click here.  To learn more about the Honolulu City and County’s regulations (Ordinance 19-18) related to short term rentals, please visit the website.

In Hawaiʻi, tests of the Emergency Alert System, as well as the Statewide Outdoor Warning Sirens, are conducted on the first working day of the month, in cooperation with Hawaiʻi’s broadcasting industry. When the siren signal is sounded, whether during a test or not, tune to any local radio or television station for emergency information and instructions broadcast by civil defense agencies. Participating stations will carry a detailed explanation of what the sirens mean, as well as other related information.

Notices of the rescheduled or additional testing dates can be found on the Hawaiʻi Emergency Management Agency website. They also provide emergency preparedness information, and information on tsunami warnings.