Wai’alae Iki Street Names Hawai’ian Translations

Former Representative Barbara Marumoto, who is a Wai’alae Iki resident, provided this information to us. It does not include all the streets on Wai’alae Iki Ridge. The list was compiled by Rich Budnick, and translated by Duke Kalani Wise.

ALAWEO – a native shrub. Young plants, leaves and plant tips were eaten as green vegetables.

EHUPUA – Flower pollen.

HAWANE – Edible nut of the loulu palm.

HOA’AINA – Tenant, caretaker.

IHILOA – Small, long-necked gourd, used for holding water.

IPUKULA – The cup of gold, a large climbing shrub.

KAMOLE – Primrose willow, a perennial herb with yellow flowers. Used medicinally.

KIHI – Outside, corner, edge, tip; to turn aside.

KUHILANI – To point out and interpret signs in the sky; a reader of signs in the sky.

KUMAKANI – Windbreak; wind-resisting.

LA’AMIA – Calabash tree. The pulp and seeds are removed from the shells, which are polished. Seeds of ali’ipoe are placed inside the shells to make hula rattles.

LAUKAHI – Broad-leafed plantain, a stemless weed with thick, broad leaves and tiny flowers. Used medicinally.

NALULU – Dull headache; dull pain in the stomach, queasy.

OHAWAI – Native lobelias. Woody plants, shrubs and small trees.

OHIALOKE –  The rose apple, a tree bearing round, crisp, edible fruits with a rose-like odor. Literally: rose ‘ohi’a.

PALAAU – Wooden fence, hedge.