WIRCA – Waialae Iki Ridge Community Association

WIRCA stands for Wai’alae Iki Ridge Community Association.  Unlike a homeowners association, membership in WIRCA is not mandatory. However, the more owners who participate, the more services can be provided to the community, and the vast majority of household support the organization.

Residents are encouraged to join WIRCA so that we all share the responsibility and expenses that keep our association going. Our very reasonable annual dues primarily go to cover the cost of our security service, which keeps our neighborhood nearly free of crime. We have worked diligently to decrease the amount of snail mail and paper that we generate, and have transitioned to cloud based systems for content management and communications.  We are working hard to keep our expenses down, so that WIRCA dues remain a small expense on a homeowner’s annual budget.

Twice a year we host a New Resident Welcome Reception at the home of one of our Board Members. New owners and renters are invited to spend a couple of hours enjoying beverages and pupus while getting to know their neighbors. These get-togethers are relaxed and family friendly; and we often have children in attendance. If you are new to our community, and you have not been contacted by someone on our Welcome Team, please contact us so we can get to know you!

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WIRCA Board of Directors Members

WIRCA Board of Directors

We are overseen by our all volunteer Board of Directors consisting of 4 officers and a panel of directors.   Joining the board is a great way to meet your neighbors!  Our board meets every other month, with an annual meeting and dinner held in the fourth quarter.  All members are invited to attend meetings, and are highly encouraged to attend the annual dinner, where we often invite guest speakers to talk about something of interest to our community.  The board and members of our community are very active in community service, and we hold two seats on the Neighborhood Board. If you’d like to inquire about joining the WIRCA Board of Directors, please contact us.

Organizational Goals

  • Inform homeowners and dues-paying tenants (“tenants”) of matters affecting the Wai’alae Iki Ridge community.
  • Provide a forum for homeowners and tenants to express their views on matters of common interest.
  • Represent homeowners and tenants at appropriate public forums, such as those involving government agencies and citizens’ organizations.
  • Help formulate, as far as possible, public policy concerning matters of vital interest to homeowners and tenants, such as housing, transportation, and the environment.
  • Initiate and encourage activities to foster harmony within the Waialae Iki Ridge community.
  • Manage a security program for homeowners and tenants.
  • Encourage observance of “The Declaration of Protective Provisions and Building Requirements for Waiale-Iki View Lots” (i.e., the covenants that accompany homeowners’ deeds) and the “Revised Ordinances of Honolulu” of the City and County of Honolulu.
  • Read full By-laws document