Benefits of WIRCA Membership


Aloha! Living in Waialae Iki is a wonderful priviledge we share as neighbors. We enjoy some of the most spectacular views and safest neigborhoods on the island! We invite you to join your neighbors in supporting Waialae Iki Ridge Community Associtation (WIRCA).

Unlike a homeowners association, membership in WIRCA is not mandatory. Residents are encouraged to join WIRCA so that we all share the responsibility and expenses that keep our community safe and connected.

Here are some reasons for joining:

Security Patrol Services:

Security is our single largest expense, and the greatest reason to support WIRCA by becoming a member. Our neighborhood is considered one of the safest communities is East Oahu statistically as well as informally. Our team of roving security officers keep an eye out for us. Not only are our guards watching out for criminal activity, but they also assist community members when they need help. Some actual examples include:

  • Assisting a resident who needed her car towed.
  • Notifying a resident that their car was unlocked.
  • Reporting an abandoned car to HPD resulting in removal of the car.
  • Return of lost pets.
  • Investigating a burglar alarm

Social Activities

WIRCA has a social committee that executes events throughout the year to build a strong sense of community to our ridge. Our activities are a great way to meet neighbors and connect with other families. Here are some examples of community activities.

  • Movie in the Park
  • Eggstravaganza
  • Hillside Halloween

In addition to events, we also encourage social clubs, organized by neighborhood volunteers. Examples are:

  • Book club
  • Bridge club
  • Mah jong club
  • Walking club

Email Communications:

  • Urgent or timely communication e-blasts
  • Monthly Newsletter notification
  • Save paper and request to have your annual dues invoice emailed to you

WIRCA Password Protected Members Website:

  • Monthly newsletter
  • Bulletin Board (ride sharing, baby sitting, etc.)
  • Pet Directory
  • Member Directory:
    • Our member Directory helps our security guards contact you, your property manager or your tenant when there’s an emergency, or something unusual going on around your property. Our guards have notified owners of things such as security incidents, broken sprinklers, house alarms, lost pets, fires, and more.
    • Your contact information can also be published and shared with other current WIRCA members. This is an opt-in system. You can chose to participate, or not. We only publish name, address, primary phone number, and email address.

Vehicle Decals:

The WIRCA decal shows the security guard and neighbors that your vehicle belongs to a WIRCA Member.

If you need more information, please contact us. We’d be happy to speak with you.

To join, make your check payable to WIRCA, and mail to WIRCA, PO Box 240911
Honolulu, HI 96824. Or Pay Online today using a credit card

Mahalo, WIRCA Board of Directors