2024 WIRCA Dues


About paying your WIRCA Dues:

  • Payments are processed through Stripe.
  • Click the Add to Cart button to make an online payment. If you prefer to send a check, scroll down to the Description section of this page for instructions.
  • Payment Tips:
    • If your property address is different than your billing address, please make sure to note that in the Additional Information area, at checkout.
    • Enter data carefully so that your transaction goes through without a hitch. We’ve seen failed payments due to errors in zip codes, card info, etc.
    • If you need to pay for multiple properties, our system requires multiple transactions. We are unable to accommodate multiple dues payments in a single transaction. There is an “order again” option on the purchase confirmation page.
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Mail your check, payable to WIRCA, for $375.00 to:

PO Box 240911
Honolulu, HI 96824

Please include the property address on your check so that we will be sure to credit the correct person or household.

We also ask that you update your contact info once a year, or as needed. Click here to update.

If you need a PDF copy of the invoice to include with your payment, or for your records, please click here.

If you need more information, please contact us via our Website Form.

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